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Vertical Glandless Pump

Vertical glandless pump for leakproof and maintenance free pumping of corrosive and abrasive liquids

Principal of the Glandless Pump

The "VIJAY" Pump is similar hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump. It differs in so far as it is always mounted in the vertical position. A restriction is provided above the impeller and need for any from of liquid seal is obylated by allowing a small leakage to escape by way of an overflow connection in the upper pump body return to suction vessel.

The most suitable method of installation will depend on the pumping application. The simplest and most widely adopted method is to mount the pump close to the feed tank at such a level that the impeller is flooded and the pump therefore pumped when the liquid reaches a certain height in the tank. The pump will deliver liquid until the suction pipe becomes uncovered, when it will run dry until the liquid level is restored to the point where re-printing can take place, this cycle of operation may be repeated indefinitely.

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Operation Advantage of Glandless Pumps

The obvious main advantage is the removal of problems arising from the use of mechanical seal, stuffing box and internal bearing.

The ability of pump to run dry removes one cause of breakdown which is often attributable to the human element this feature is very useful in process requiring continuous transfer of a corrosive liquid with a high degree of reliability e.g. Disposal of acid effluent.

The glandless pumps lend itself to process incorporating automatic control of a pump discharge valve. The "controlled leakage" acts as an integral by-pass. The pump suffers no ill effects if the discharge valve is partially or fully closed.

The most important gains to be derived from the use of glandless pump are in the sphere of maintenance and consequent reduction in down time production losses. Normal maintenance on the glandless pump is confined to lubrication of the driving.

Range of Performance
Because glandless pumps do not have any packing bush or internal bearing, full advantage can be taken of available drive speeds. The pump may be run at 1450 and 2900 RPM respectively and a range of impeller diameter for each pump size gives a wide spread of performance.

In general the range cover flow up to 100m3/hr. and discharge head up to 50 meters.

The Salient Features of Vertical Glandless Pump
  • No mechanical seal, stuffing box and internal bearings provided.
  • No maintenance since the pump can even run dry indefinitely as there is no packing, bushes or internal Bearings.
  • Reduction of downtime production losses in view of above features.
  • All the wet-end parts are in solid molded construction to with stand corrosion and erosion.
  • The impeller is semi-open type used in our all-vertical pumps to suit both clear and polluted fluids.
  • Pump mounted outside the suction tank and is not submerged type.

H3PO4, H2SO4, HF and their mixtures with or without solids (gypsum) up to 40% conc.

Scrubbed liquids contining F, CL, SO2, Ammonia gases etc. With solids Replace hastally.

Spin bath solution (H2SO4, ZnSO4, Na2SO4 etc.)

Chlorinated brine, conc. HCL, H2SO4 etc. Other application are in metal refineries, pickling Installations, paper and fertilizer plants-in fact all chemical process industries.

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